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Imagine the following scenario: you have multiple backend containers that run your web application, and a few nginx containers that proxy all requests to the backend containers.Now, there’s a new release of the web application that must be deployed, which means new backend containers need to be built and deployed.The 30-year-old chatted with Jay Cutler has one fine Met Gala coverage on Monday and then head home for moving day on Tuesday!And, thanks to his wife Kristin Cavallari, we got a peek at the American athlete's buns of steel on Instagram.It is therefore very important to first select the configuration files that should not be automatically updated.

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After they are deployed, the nginx configuration needs to change to point to the new backend containers. Do you change the its configuration, build a new container and deploy it?

What if there was a way for you to automatically detect the changes on the backend service and dynamically update nginx? Rancher-Gen is a Python utility that listens for service changes in Rancher and renders a user-specified Jinja2 template.

Introduction Docker and Rancher have made it far easier to deploy and manage microservice-based applications.

A key challenge, however, is managing the configuration of services that depend on other dynamic services.

Config file 39etcportagepackage keywords39 needs updating