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The rest of us had few occasions to worry about being tracked. ” — is relevant to everyone regardless of his or her fame or criminal persuasion.Any of us can be watched at almost any time, whether it is by a Google Street View car taking a picture of our house, or an advertiser following us as we browse the Web, or the National Security Agency logging our phone calls.Yes, it's possible for people to hack your webcam and spy on you. In case you didn't know already, your webcam can be hacked, meaning people can turn it on remotely and theoretically use it to film you without your knowledge. You could take the Mark Zuckerberg approach and use a piece of tape or a Post-it note to cover your webcam. However, it could leave marks on your laptop or PC, and it doesn't look very elegant. But how maybe people are actually concerned about this? Last year the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, posted this photo: Look at his laptop on the left side of the photo. If you've ever seen The Social Network, you know Mark Zuckerberg has some personally experience with hacking, so at the very least this photo suggests that it's a real issue.Of course, you shouldn't do anything in life just because a famous billionaire does, but I believe personal privacy is worth an investment in an inexpensive webcam cover.These thin little metal covers stick right over your webcam and allow you to slide a shutter back and forth to expose the webcam or cover it up.At its sole discretion and at any time, Microsoft reserves the right to define and amend what is considered adult content, amend the published adult policy, restrict the presence of adult content across the network, and disable the use of adult keywords.

Tyler grabbed a nearby tefillin and began furiously beating her with the straps. This atrocity happened as a result of MILLION DOLLAR EXTREME PRESENTS WORLD PEACE, Friday nights on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim."Evidence strongly suggests the disturbing text is the work of Andrew “weev” Auernheimer, the notorious white nationalist hacker and troll who throughout the past year has made a sport of sending unwanted hate speech to thousands of unprotected public printers around the country.The Smooz Webcam Cover is minimalist in design and will cover almost any webcam on most laptops and PCs, without covering any other sensors your computer may need. For about , you get three of them, meaning you could install them on your PC, your laptop, and even your phone if you want to. Money has been stolen, data has been swiped and lives have been ruined.However, I must not fail to mention the fantastic work law enforcement agencies around the world have been putting in to bring justice down on the cyber criminals causing havoc this year.