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Starring top comedian Katt Williams, hip-hop mogul Master P, and rap artist Lil Romeo.

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His only hope to impress her is to join the school's hottest "clique" and help them win a hip-hop, "Lock-In" dance competition, which offers a ,000 prize.There's also a pair of buffoonish white cops (Jim Breuer, Jessica Kirson), one of whom is named Officer P'eniss, and Jason's imagined guardian angel, the macho Prairie Puff Man (Patrick Warburton), who shows up periodically to lend romantic advice.Featuring endless leering shots of scantily clad young women shaking their booties into the camera — it even includes the requisite slow-motion erotic car-washing scene — the film could be described as misogynistic except that the male characters are equally offensively portrayed.Complicating his efforts are his wildly overbearing, obese, gun-toting mother (Luenell); Anastacia's Chicano gang-leader brother (Wilmer Valderrama); and her prejudiced father (George Lopez), who doesn't want her dating blacks because "they talk to you with their mack-daddy lingo, holding their giant penises." PHOTOS 35 of 2014's Most Anticipated Movies Among the other characters on display are the school's pot-smoking principal (Mike Epps), who makes expletive-filled announcements over the loudspeaker system; a white teacher who admonishes her students, "Don't talk back to a pimp …respect my gangsta"; and a prison inmate (Katt Williams) whose money problems fuel what little else there is of the plot.