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Whether you like to hit the course every day or would rather relax in the clubhouse, spending time with golfer dating singles can be a fun and rewarding experience.

View our newest Golfing members at Golfer Click Here Golfing is not as much fun on its own.

However, it's a great opportunity to spend time with someone you love.

If your trips to the course have been feeling like they could use some companionship, you'll find the golf loving singles you're looking for here on Golfer

Galena Rhoades, a psychology professor at the University of Denver. Other sites, like and OKCupid, allow you to winnow your search based on religion, political affiliation, interests, etc.

"What might make golf a more important match than other activities is the amount of time that it can take up in someone's life. How about someone who has at least a master's degree? Limiting the field of potential dates, however, isn't always the key to finding that perfect person.

Tee fore Two making dating easy for golfers October 12, 2010 Whilst online dating has become very much the norm, there are still many singletons out there that regard online dating as something of an anathema.

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But through TEE fore TWO you can meet fellow singletons who share a common interest in golf and if it doesn't lead to romance, at least you have still enjoyed a round of golf and potentially experienced a different golf course," comments Janet Rampton, founder of TEE fore TWO.­­Presidents following Lincoln annually proclaimed the holiday the last Thursday in November until 1942 when Franklin D.Roosevelt switched it to the fourth Thursday in November -- not necessarily the last -- in an attempt to kick off the holiday shopping season a touch earlier [source: Encyclopedia Britannica].It might come in fourth on the list of America's top protein choices, but one day out of the year nothing else will do [source: National Turkey Federation].Every Thanksgiving Day, chicken, beef and pork all step aside and make room for their poultry compadre, the turkey.